Vertical 400-2,200 kN


The outstanding features of the innovative all-electric JSW JT Vertical injection molding machine

Modular design concept

Modularity for tailored, practical and cost effective solutions.

Rapid table rotation

Quiet and fast - the best in the industry. This is accomplished through the use of a high-performance servo motor with a belt drive which results in increased productivity. The closing mechanism has optimized kinematics for reduced moving mass.

Low table height

The table height was reduced in order to make operation and maintenance more efficient.

Compact and robust design

The machine width and floor space was reduced by up to 18 %, so that the machine is very good for use on assembly lines and in confined spaces.

Larger injection molding

Although the machine width is more compact, the outer diameter of the turntable is compatible with conventional models. Improvements in the nozzle area allow for the installation of larger tools with projecting jaws and slides.