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WINDSOR Experience

More than 50 Years of Experience

WINDSOR has specialized in the Sale, Maintenance and Repair of injection molding machines and Peripheral Equipment Experience for over 50 years. Our customers are well-known producers of plastic parts all over the world, mostly in demanding environments that require the reliability of "just-in-time" manufacturing and precision of high tolerance molding. Specifically you will find WINDSOR working with companies in the automotive industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the production of technical parts, containers and household products.

WINDSOR provides solutions to customers by being a reliable partner in providing OEM products, not only WINDSOR machines but also injection molding machines and peripheral devices from other manufacturers. Spare parts, repair services and machine optimization/overhaul are also specialties. Many customers rely on us to keep their machines and processes running in top form.

WINDSOR has been an official distributor of the Japanese machinery manufacturer JSW (The Japan Steel Works, Ltd.) since 2007. JSW is one of the most innovative and successful companies in the plastics industry with more than 50 years experience and has specialized for the last 20 years on electric injection molding machine technology. The cooperation between JSW and the WINDSOR GmbH is the logical response to the increasing demand for all-electric injection molding machines, particularly in Germany and Eastern Europe. Both partners attach great importance to quality, service and customer satisfaction.

WINDSOR sells the full range of JSW AD series all-electric machines (from 350 - 25,000 kN) in Germany, German-speaking countries and all of Eastern Europe.

The AD series is one of the most sophisticated and innovative products available, coming from JSW’s experience of manufacturing more than 10,000 all-electric machines. WINDSOR has a long history of applying technical expertise to develop application specific solutions to meet our customer’s needs. The combination of cutting edge machine technology and application development provides a complete package to the injection molder and “The solutions to move you ahead”.