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Core Casting Machines

WINDSOR has developed a design concept to produce hollow parts with complex geometries, which allows designs not otherwise possible with injection molding and can reduce assembly costs and increase part integrity.

Our products include machinery, metal tanks, cooling lines and water cooling systems.

Specialized and custom equipment is also possible such Core Casting Machine KGM 100 DUO which is designed for two tools and accordingly has two clamping units. Each of the two closing sides has its own independent hydraulic drive, which allows the machinery to carry out all functions simultaneously.


Lost core technology is an elegant solution wherever the design of plastic parts are so complicated that they would not otherwise be able to be removed from the injection molding tool. With a clamping force of 100 tons, the clamping component of the machine is designed for a maximum tool weight of 7.25 tons. The largest machine that WINDSOR has manufactured to date for an intake manifold produced cores weighing over 100 kg.


The core casting machine molds reproducible cores for over-molding in a larger tool. The core is made from a low melting point metal alloy which is then melted out of the plastic part, yielding a hollow product. The metal is then reused in the core casting machine.

Range of applications

Plastic vacuum systems in automobiles, water pumps, tanks, pressure vessels, manifolds, valve housings, fittings, even golf clubs have been produced with this technology easily and economically.


The range of process-able polymers using this technology is very wide since different core metal alloys can be utilized with different melting points. Bismuth-tin alloys have proven to be particularly successful.


Increased value is possible by eliminated welding or bonding operations in which two parts are individually molded and assembled to yield a hollow part. In addition the full integrity of a single part can avoid leaks and product failures down the road due to the structural weakness of the bonding line in two assembled parts.


With the lost core technology, almost any internal and external geometry can be produced as a one-piece part that is a seamless and safe. Economical mass production is possible even in complex geometries.