The outstanding features and advantages of the innovative all-electric injection molding machines JSW

Speed and precision

Cycle time reduction through rapid, highly reproducible parallel movements. The excellent process control means faster cycles and quality yielding more productivity and increased profitability.


Energy savings of roughly 60 % is achieved by high-efficiency electric motors and energy recovery. The applied power is used efficiently without excess electricity usage. The servo drives require no external cooling.


All-electric machines do not require hydraulic oil, therefore there is no need for oil cooling, storage or disposal.


The machines are quiet, clean and emit little heat In operation thus offering improved environmental and working conditions.

Specific functions of the all-electric JSW injection molding machines

JSW machines offer specific functionality to improve process control and part quality, made possible by the extremely fast control loops of the "JSW Quick Servo Control Circuits".

Patented Features:

  • Soft Pack Servo Control
  • APC (Advanced Pressure Control)
  • IWCS (Injection Weight and Cushion Stability)
  • Preinjection and Variable Compression functions