Utilization of Existing Capacity

Retrofitting a PlugXPress ™ - Secondary Injection Unit to your molding machine adds the capacities and performance of modern machines to existing ones. The existing capacity can be used to develop new products (such as multi-component) with minimum additional cost.


Each PlugXPress ™ - unit is equipped with its own hydraulic drive and integrated electronic control and runs parallel, but in constant communication, with the systems of the host machine. The real-time pressure control and speed control ensures consistent quality and flexibility.

Standard interfaces

Two well-defined interfaces - mechanical and electronic - allow extremely fast installation on your existing equipment.

Shorter cycle times

The PlugXPress ™ units are equipped with independent motors and pumps which work independently of the host machine, therefore PlugXPress ™ injection functions can work parallel to the functions of the main injection unit.

Fast and flexible installation

The installation of a PlugXPress ™ - secondary injection unit is as simple as the retrofitting of an extraction device. WINDSOR provides each PlugXPress ™ unit fully functional and ready to use. The devices may be installed either horizontally next to the machine, vertically positioned on the machine or piggyback.

High flexibility

A PlugXPress ™ unit can be used on multiple machines. One unit can be exchanged between machines quickly and easily to serve as a solution to multiple systems.

Additional Features

Various additional features such as cores, rotary tables, hot runner systems, etc. can be controlled and monitored with the independent control system of each unit PlugXPress ™ - secondary injection unit.